An Important Note About ACX Payments

If you plan to publish audiobooks through Amazon’s ACX company, then you probably want to read this.

Audiobook Creation Exchange Blog (ACX)

We’re posting today with an important update regarding ACX royalty and bounty payments, effective March 12. For titles started on or after March 12, 2014 that are distributed exclusively through Audible, Amazon, and iTunes, a flat 40% net royalty will be paid to the Rights Holder; on royalty share deals, this amount will be split equally between the Rights Holder and Producer. For titles that are distributed non-exclusively, the Rights Holder will receive a flat 25% royalty.

We’re also revising our $25 Bounty program. Now, a $50 bounty will be awarded to the royalty earner every time their book is the first purchase of a new AudibleListener™, instead of any of the first three purchases. In royalty share deals, this $50 is still split evenly between the Rights Holder and Producer.

Note that any completed audiobooks – or audiobook productions that have an offer extended to a producer

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