Why Aging Doesn’t Scare Me

In response to this prompt:

Aging doesn’t terrify me, the way it does some people. Admittedly, the idea of my body getting weaker, my memory becoming poorer, and losing my health doesn’t make me look forward to it, but I understand that aging is something that happens to everyone and is unavoidable, so it’s best to accept it.

Besides, aging has some advantages over youth. As a 19-year-old, I have a better understanding of the world than I did when I was nine and I will no doubt understand it even better at the age of 29. I will still make mistakes, but I will be able to handle them better because I’ll have the experience to know how to deal with them.

Additionally, as a writer, I am constantly striving to improve, so the older I get, the more time I have to practice and the more stories I get to write. I honestly cannot wait to see what kind of stories I will be writing when I get into my sixties or seventies (assuming, of course, I don’t get into an accident that takes away my ability to write).

Overall, I am looking forward to getting older. I’m enjoying my youth, of course, but I’m constantly thinking long-term and, if all of my plans materialize, I think my older years will be even better than my younger years. One can only hope.


13 thoughts on “Why Aging Doesn’t Scare Me

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  6. We’ve heard the young have no clue about getting old. Yet curiously, the old have no clue about being young. For memory does not reduplicate experience, any better than anticipation does.


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  10. As a writer, I agree with you; I look at the stuff I wrote when I was a lot younger, and I can only shake my head. I had rather good skill with the putting-words-together part, but my life experience was lacking. That’s not to say that young people cannot be good writers — my life experience was lacking in some ways even compared to other people my age — but no one can write well about imaginary people until they’ve figured out a bit of who they are themselves.

    Aging isn’t scary — or shouldn’t be, anyway. It didn’t scare me when I was 19, either, nor when I was 29, nor when I was 39 (which was just a couple years ago). Maybe I had an “advantage” in that I was already experiencing a few of the issues that can come along with middle or late age by the time I was 30, such as needing a cane to walk occasionally due to arthritis, or really bad eyesight, so being “old” is something I’m getting practice with before it becomes a chronological fact. On the other hand, I just got my first silver hairs last year, and my reaction was, “Awesome — now I’m starting to look like a grown-up.” 🙂

    Besides, who knows? You’re not yet 20 years old, so you may not even have hit middle age (a healthy and vigorous middle age at 50, thanks to ever-improving medical science) by the time Kurtzweil’s singularity comes along and you can “live long enough to live forever.”


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