Fantastic Depths: Coming Soon!

Here’s the official announcement for the upcoming Ambage anthology that yours truly contributed to. It’s going to be awesome.

The Ambage


I’m here once again to take a moment out of our usual posts to announce the next Ambage publication: Fantastic Depths, a fantasy anthology.

This is certainly our biggest project yet, with over 20 authors contributing and nearly 40 stories written within the genre of fantasy (including short stories, poems, and even a short play), and nearly 100 more pages than the last anthology, Constellations.

We are very close to being done, and hope to have the final product within a week or so for purchase in paperback format. The image above is a small glimpse of the cover artwork.

For those interested, below is part of the official blurb that will be on the back of the book:

From dragons to bumblebees; from epic quests to normal lives forever altered by the spark of magic–the stories here explore the depths of ideas and the limitless possibilities of imagination to…

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