Fantastic Depths: Now Available

The anthology is out!
Includes my short stories, “The Creator’s Dilemma,” “Not Malicious, Just Unlucky,” and “The Gift of Valgink,” as well as many other awesome stories from other great writers. Buy it today or as soon as you can!

The Ambage

Our latest collaboration–a fantasy anthology–is now available for order!

Fantastic Depths

(artwork by John Matz)

Buy it from:

An excerpt can be read on (click “Look Inside”); below is the blurb from the back of the book:

Fantastic Depths is the fourth collection of short fiction published by the Ambage, presenting nearly forty stories written within the fantasy genre by over twenty authors. It features writing from returning authors such as E.R. Alwardby, Nate Deisinger, Nicholas Farrell, W.R. Krueger, and Caleb Peiffer (author of The Second Death), as well as several other new and returning authors.

From dragons to bumblebees; from epic quests to normal lives forever altered by the spark of magic-the stories here explore the depths of ideas and the limitless possibilities of imagination to charm and enchant readers.

This was a fun one, and definitely my favorite so far–and it has nearly 100…

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