Why do you blog?

Bloggers blog for different reasons.

Some blog because they genuinely enjoy it. They like sharing their thoughts on various subjects online and love interacting with their readers in the comments section of their blog. They are the kind of people who would blog even if they had no readers or were making no income from it whatsoever. These people generally blog every day or at least very frequently.

Others blog as a means to an end. These people write blogs in order to achieve certain goals, such as selling books or spreading awareness of certain political/religious/social issues or supporting a cause or some other goal. These people may like to write, but they may not be particularly fond of blogging in itself and blog only when they need to.

I’m in the second category of people. I started this blog as a way to build my author platform. I hope that the readers of this blog will eventually translate into readers of my fiction (once I publish them, of course). To be sure, I like my blog, but it can be hard for me to come up with ideas for posts, which is one reason I don’t blog every day.

I see myself as a fiction writer first and foremost. It’s what I spend most of my writing time doing. I like to write nonfiction, too, but fiction is my real strength and what I like best and it is ultimately what will be making me money. Blogging will help, which is why I am doing it, but if I had to choose between giving up my blog or giving up my books, I’d choose my blog every time.

I have nothing against people who blog for its own sake, though. It’s just something I don’t understand. To me, blogging is a means to an end. I don’t understand how you can be excited about blogging every day. Honestly, I don’t. As cool as it is to get comments and likes and subscribers, I’m interested in that stuff only insofar as it helps build my author platform, not for its own sake.

I guess it just comes down to preferences, like with any form of art. I prefer fiction writing while blogging on the side, while I am sure there are some bloggers who write fiction on the side. Neither preference is inherently superior to the other. Just comes down to what you like doing best.


3 thoughts on “Why do you blog?

  1. Hey Tim,
    Why don’t you blog some fiction then? Your blogging is going to come off as wooden if you truly don’t like it. Give yourself a little freedom to write what you like. Maybe a fiction prompt where you write a little story in a few paragraphs. I blog for both reasons you mentioned; because I like it and because I want to use it to help build a following for eventual publication. I decided from the get-go that I’d only write what I wanted to write. (And I only post about twice a month.)
    Good luck and stay positive,


    • Well, I did post a short story a while ago (you can find a link to it under my “Works” tab), but you make a good point.

      The only reason I haven’t posted much fiction is because this blog doesn’t make me any money and I am reluctant to post any fiction that I could publish elsewhere for money at some point.

      Then again, with the rise of indie-publishing, I can pretty much publish my stories wherever and whenever I want now, regardless of whether or not they’ve been posted online before. I don’t have to worry about a publishing house rejecting them because I don’t have to go through them anymore if I don’t want to.

      Perhaps I’ll post a story a week on here, maybe some flash fiction. I have been looking for an excuse to practice writing flash fiction, after all. I’ll definitely think about it.



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