Sunday Meme Thread #2

In this week’s Sunday Meme Thread, I have two memes to share today. The first one is by me, while the other is one I found. Both, I hope, are equally entertaining.

The first is this:

Nintendo Y U No make f-zero game for Wii? | Y U No

As you can tell, I am a disgruntled F-Zero fanboy. I have my fingers crossed for an F-Zero U or 3DS, but I have a feeling the only F-Zero presence on either system will be Captain Falcon in the new Super Smash Bros. coming out next year. *Sigh*

WHy did Cinderella's shoe fall off if it fit her perfectly? | Philosoraptor

Philosoraptor makes a very good point about a classic fairy tale/Disney movie.

Any funny or thought-provoking memes you’d like to share? Post them in the comments!