Last day to buy “The Mad Voyage of Prince Malock” for $3.99 and £3.08 on Amazon US/UK!

This is the last day of the half-off sale of my novel, The Mad Voyage of Prince Malock. Starting tomorrow, it will return to its original price of $7.99 USD and £4.99 on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

As I said before, this is the last sale I will be running for the rest of 2014, so you won’t see this novel or any of my other books at this low a price again until at least early 2015. So if you’ve been waiting to get it while it’s on sale, I highly suggest you do so now.

The sale, sadly enough, is already over on Libiro, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still buy it. It will just be more expensive is all, although I should note that Libiro has mobi, ePub, and PDF versions of the novel, in case you happen to like a different file format from Amazon’s mobi or don’t own a Kindle or something like that.